Crew Creative - Terminator Salvation Mockups

During my final internship at Crew Creative, a Los Angeles-based advertising agency, I worked directly with one of their Art Directors in the creation of these screens for a marketing campaign pitch for the film Terminator Salvation. Our designs were ultimately not the ones chosen for the campaign but the end result of these screens, we felt, was unique for the film.

The first two screens represent a modular site. Users could customize the display of the site with a variety of modules, from a picture gallery to games to video.


These next two screens were part of an interactive screensaver I was asked to design. The idea was to fake popular crowdsourced screensavers like SETI@home (a screensaver that uses spare computing cycles for users who opt in around the world to analyze radio telescope data) with a concept called Skynet@home. The idea was to pretend users were helping Skynet by analyzing data that would be used to create AI. Over the course of several weeks, the screensaver would slowly change to represent Skynet's increasing self-awareness. The screens would change color and theme beginning with a pleasing and somewhat benign blue while analyzing genome data and end with a harsh red while showing Skynet analyzing and taking over the world's networks.